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- Teachers everywhere.


Hannah Hart being adorable at Playlist Live 2014

Tanya Burr Color Analysis (insp.)

WELL HOLY CRAP I REACHED 10,000 FOLLOWERS?!?!!?! THAT’S CRAZY. Thank you so much for putting up with my crap, you’re all crazy. Last September I hit 1k so to even think that that number’s multiplied by ten in less than a year is just…. what? In honour of this I’m DOING ANOTHER FOLLOW FOREVER YAY (I know this is my third, I won’t do one for a loooong time after this), here are some of the blogs who have made my tumblr experience fab and have fab blogs and are all round fab (sorry if you’re not on here I follow a lot of people ok you’re great anyways):

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Ah congrats on 10k and thank you so much! :)

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